Board of Directors

As of June 2019, the current officers and other members of the Seminole County Historical Society are as follows:


President: Don Epps 

Vice President: Carmen Bierman

Secretary: Beverly Mason

Treasurer: Bob Mier

Directors at Large

Deborah L. Bauer

Harry Beckham

Rosalie Cook 

Lois Dickison 

Carole Hinshaw

Linda Muscato

Kim Nelson

Cecil Tucker

Mart Tucker

Jim Turney

Vacancy #1

Vacancy #2

Directors Emeritus

Alex Dickison

Ed L'Heureux

Former Directors Emeritus

Carolyn Bistline (En Memorium)

Ettie Jean Keogh (En Memorium)

Application for Board of Directors Vacancy

Completed applications can be returned in person to the museum, mailed to the Historical Society at our PO Box address, or emailed to

HisSocietyBoardofDirectorsApplication (pdf)