The Bill Nygren Buggy Collection

Fundraising for the Nygren Buggy Collection

 The Seminole County Historical Society in Sanford, FL is raising money to renovate a warehouse near its museum which will house a large donation of 18 buggies/carriages that trace the history of personal transportation in the US from 1790 to the early 1900s.

These horse-drawn vehicles were owned by the "common man" and the technology used in their design and construction was the precursor of today's automobile. This interactive exhibit will teach Central Florida's school children, history buffs and tourists about the advances in manufacturing during the Industrial Revolution and will give viewers insight into horse-drawn vehicles in the "old days," a mere 150 years ago! Kids will be able to harness a model horse, hitch it up to a small carriage, test out reining, and learn about hand-made versus machine-made parts of the buggy, like springs and axles. This interactive exhibit will be the only buggy museum collection in the state of Florida.

The Historical Society is the non-profit agency that supports the Museum of Seminole County History, a major cultural venue in Central Florida. We need to raise $12,500 to match a donor's pledge by the end of 2019 . These funds will be deposited in a dedicated account for the SCHS Buggy Collection established October 2018 at HomeBanc, Lake Mary, FL.

Kim Nelson, a Sanford resident, is the lead fundraiser and SCHS Director running this campaign and is the former coordinator of the Museum of Seminole County History. 

Please visit our GoFundMe page to learn more at the URL below:

Buggy collector Bill Nygren of Geneva, Florida.

Buggy collector Bill Nygren of Geneva, Florida.

Bill Nygren Buggy Collection Informational Flyer